Monday, April 24, 2017

The Organic Clothes Dryer - Our Life in Costa Rica

YOU will know you have begun to think like Tico when.....
THIS becomes the new normal 

You prefer to hang your clothes OUTSIDE on the line to dry 
  Using the fancy dryer inside your house!!

Although electric dryers are sneaking into more homes in Costa Rica (especially with the influx of more gringos who consider dryers a necessity, like refrigerators), most Ticos still dry their wash outside in the sunshine and fresh air.  

You can see freshly scrubbed (often by hand) laundry draped over fences, hung in trees, suspended on clotheslines and/or neatly spread out on the ground.  Many homes have interior drying areas with a rack and pulley system for the wet clothes.  Also in the rainy season you can hang the clothes on the rack and in the warmth of the morning sun, the clothes get a head start on drying.  Hopefully, they will dry before they start to get musty and have to be re-washed.

Every week our housekeeper Erla, hangs our clothes outside and by the time she leaves (4 hrs) later
They are all dry!
She also utilizes the back fence when she runs out of space on the line
(she hasn't put any of the clothes on the ground -- so far)

and the added benefit is...

You'll save money, cut carbon emissions, and extend the life of your duds in the process.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day Birth Day - Our Life in Costa Rica


Lavanson celebrated his birthday today. As per reports, Poás has continued to spew and spout ash. We had planned to go out for dinner tonight but because the sky looks very weird (with fall out from the volcano) we stayed home. We'll try again once the air quality is a little better.

 2007 joint birthday celebration

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Update -- Poás Volcano Eruption this morning - Our Life in Costa Rica

Thought I would add these photos in real time as the Poás Volcano erupts
(as seen from our house) 

We can smell the smoke

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Passport Renewal Time - Our Life in Costa Rica

US Embassy San Jose Costa Rica

Time to renew your passport while you are in Costa Rica?

Piece of cake!

Remember you must have SIX months left on your US passport (from your purposed exit date) for entry into Costa Rica so I needed to have my passport renewed. Yesterday we headed to the US Embassy in San Jose. 

I found the renewal process much easier to do here than in the states.

Directions --
Go online US Dept of State Costa Rica - or whatever country you are in
Make an appointment
Complete form and make copy also take photo they request that you do it BEFORE you come for your appt - if you don't you can do it at the US Embassy (I had a copy of the form but got the photo at the Consulate)
show up (do not be late)
Pay $110 CASH renewal fee (i gave them US $ but they would also accept the equivalent in colones)
Talk to agent for processing

That's it! Your passport will be ready for pick up in about 10 bus days
(you will receive an email when it's ready for pick up) Of course you will have to go back and get it) 

The San Jose bus dropping us back in Grecia - home by noon
From Grecia - We took the 8am bus to SJ to the US Embassy (1 hr ride). Got off at Hospital de Mexico. Caught a taxi to the Embassy $3. Was there by 9:30. Checked in. Got in line for photo and then into the area for appointments. The area for US citizens was practically empty although there were LOTS of people in line for various other things. We also got to skip the long line outside Embassy. Sort of VIP treatment.
Once we were in the appt area I told the guy we were early for my 11am appt so he took me right away. I was done by 10:30

I must admit the US is VERY organized!!! I had sort of forgotten about how organized things are back there. 
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