Monday, March 27, 2017

We're Stars! - Our life in Costa Rica

You might recall a few months ago, I told you that we were interviewed for a part in a video about La Terraza Guest House here in Grecia Costa Rica  -

This is La Terraza

The video has now been completed and I have posted it below.

Please watch

Be sure to check out La Terraza (and tell them I sent you) if you are going to be in the Central Valley!

email subscribers click link for video

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Secret Location Revealed - Dîner en Blanc Costa Rica 2017 - Our Life in Costa Rica

Upon Arrival
Our secret destination was...

Museo de los Niños - San Jose
 Children's Museum, San Jose Costa Rica
Site of 2017 Dîner en Blanc

and THIS is why I LOVE Costa Rica!!!

Unique Museum

The museum, which is situated on an isolated rise just north of downtown San Jose, is one of the premier examples demonstrating why Costa Rica is so unique compared to other Latin American countries.

Not only was the Children's Museum the first of its kind in Central America, its location in an old military prison was chosen to send a message that the future of the country would not consist of wars and political struggles, but the education and care of its children.

Additionally, by establishing the museum in what was formerly the main military fortress of San Jose, Costa Ricans have chosen to remember the lessons of the past, with such buildings serving as daily reminders of what might have been if the country remained embroiled in civil wars.

Because of its size, the former prison was particularly suited to become the Children's Museum, which boasts more than 32 exhibition rooms and numerous activities and experiences for kids both indoors and outside.


Here is our video highlighting the glamorous and magical 7 hour event condensed into 8 minutes & 40 seconds


Can't wait till next year!!

If you are in Costa Rica we hope you will join us 
or sign up for an event in a city near you

Email subscribers click link for video
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Art of the Table - Our Life in Costa Rica

"The waving of the white serviette!" All Dîner en Blanc guests know that this beautiful moment signals the opening of a unique and magical dinner with amazing company. (photos not back yet, taken by drone)

Saturday night,  4 different cities from all corners of the globe waived their napkins and celebrated with their friends and neighbors! 

Cheers to Diner en Blanc - Tauranga , Dîner en Blanc - Ho Chi Minh City , Dîner en Blanc - Johannesburg, and @Dîner en Blanc - San Jose, Costa Rica 🇨🇷!" 

Art of the table
Crate & Barrel Sponsored a Prize For The Best Table Setting

These are photos of our table in various stages of decorating and throughout the evening
The candles would no stay lit due to the wind (note to self - "next year bring covered candle holders" The lighted balls ended up inside of the lantern to make enough light for the table

Early table prep

Lighted balls now inside the lantern

The table is not complete without the honorary Eiffel Tower

The remaining 2 photos below are a couple of neighboring tables 

There were some truly FABULOUS table designs
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