Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Black Hair Care Services - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

Black Girl Hair Update: 
Photo Source
Lots of ladies have contacted me regarding hair services for women of color.
I have posted some photos from my appointment with my Sisterlock Consultant yesterday. She came to my house to do my hair. I usually have to go to her home in Heredia. Perhaps if we have more people in the Grecia area we can work it out so that she will come to us. 

I have also attached her price list. You can reach Carmen at carmenhutchinsonmiller@gmail.com
For those with relaxed hair - in Grecia Central, I have finally located one salon that can do your hair. My friend Verdette went to him about a month ago. She doesn't have the name of the salon, but the stylist's name is Henry. Ph# 8949-9393 cell & home 2494-7356. Per Verdette - You should bring your own preferred shampoo and conditioner. Also if you have a preferred relaxer you can bring that too. He was running low on the one he had (you might ask him when you make the appt to double check) He uses only flat iron and no barrel curler. She had touch up, cut and style. The cost was $100 USD (which she thought was a bit pricey - maybe "gringo" pricing). But, hey, if you can't do it yourself, at least there is somewhere to go. 

IMO - Still best bet in Costa Rica is to have natural hair that you can do yourself although there will be more options for stylists in the San Jose area. 

Hope this helps!

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Rentals on The Ridges of Grecia - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

In an effort to help new folks with relocation or vacation lodging in Grecia, I have been out scouting properties.

Last week I went to see some available rentals on this beautiful finca (farm).

You know in Grecia we are all about the views and this one has a SPECTACULAR view.
Breakdown -
There are 5 very nice units on this beautiful (and quiet) property perched on the ridge in San Isidro de Grecia.
There are 3 rooms you can rent nightly (all are a little different inside) B&B style
There is 1 apt available for short term and long term rental
1 Awesome stand alone Glass Tree House - long term preferred.
Bus accessible. 
And just in case you aren't following me on Facebook, I am sharing the video again here
You can find the properties online or if you prefer you can contact me and I will put you in touch with the owners.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The BIG Event - Dîner en Blanc Costa Rica 2018

Well folks, it's done and here it is!

I won't bother to tell you how DIFFICULT it is to edit 52 videos and 225 photos into a 7mins 27sec video!! Suffice it to say, I am happy this event is only once a year! 😊

Here's a little more about the event:

 “The best way to be invited is to know a member (somebody who has been a guest) of the "Secret" Dinner in White, and to benefit from their sponsorship.

Once you participate in one, you'll be invited to the next one. “On the other hand," the rules warn, "if you withdraw at the last minute, you will be permanently blacklisted.”

For those without a sponsor, there's always the possibility of signing up on the official website. But not all cities offer that alternative, and generally the number of places is limited, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Celebrating it's 30th anniversary in June (expecting 20,000 attendees), the idea, created in 1988 by Frenchman François Pasquier, who wanted to have a dinner with friends around the idea of "Bring a meal, and bring a new friend," at the Bois de Boulogne in Paris and he asked them to dress in white to identify themselves. The Diner en Blanc is now a patented concept held in 30 countries and 80 cities -- including Montreal and other cities in Canada, Bombay, Panama City, San Jose Costa Rica, Buenos Aires, Jamaica, Zagreb, Kuala Lumpur, Kenya, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Seoul and Bangkok (to name a few). 

There are approximately 30 cities holding events in the US.

In my opinion, this event is definitely not for everyone. You'll need a bit of "e-n-e-r-g-y". The length of time was increased this year in Costa Rica (event time 3:30pm - 11pm) adding an additional hour to the party time. 

There are a lot of younger people there (in some other cities the crowds include a more mixed age group ) however, in Costa Rica, the event is still in its infancy -- and let's face it, sometimes it takes us older (wiser/and more mature) crowd a little longer to catch on. 

The cost of the event is $39/person (which includes round trip transportation to and from the event site) .

We have always found the people to be very friendly and welcoming and you really don't need a partner to join in the dancing. I am very happy to have celebrated the Dîner en Blanc experience with the people of Costa Rica! We even made some new friends. 

Besides your white clothing, picnic basket, tablecloth and table accessories you need only bring that "young at heart" spirit"

We had a great time and look forward to 2019!

Let the Music Play, And Dance the Night Away

(pt 2 video below)
All music from the event playlist

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Dinner - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

We are back from another AMAZING Dîner en Blanc Costa Rica!!!

This event keeps getting better and better! This is only the 4th year for the event here in Costa Rica, so kudos to the team- they did a FABULOUS job!! 

In between events, I keep my eyes open for all things white. Some items for the table and some for myself to wear and to accessorize with. Since I actually like white clothing, I have built up quite a little wardrobe of white clothing pieces.  And...now that this year is a wrap, I have begun my search for next year. Yesterday, Verdette picked up some tree branches that we will paint and decorate for use as a centerpiece for next year. 

Another very important component of this fun event, besides the planning, is the packing up and the bus trip to the undisclosed location. While on the bus you can see everyone with eyes glued to the windows trying to guess where we are going. Of course for the locals it is much easier--- For us...not so much!!

This year, as the bus climbed higher and higher, I think a lot of people were still wondering where we were right up until we stepped off the bus!

Instructions & Location for 2018
  • Remember: Le Dîner en Blanc is all about making friends! While you wait, interact with the other guests to see who will be sitting next to you. It’ll be easier for you to get settled once you reach the event location. 
  • The chosen Dîner en Blanc location will be one of the most amazing spaces in the city, so we should all be dressed elegantly! Adding a hat, a mask, or a fascinator to your ensemble is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.
  • Please make sure you bring layers of clothes because temperatures will drop at night! Be prepared - but always in white! 
Once we returned from the event, I discovered that I have a ton of photos and videos -- so, as not to
turn this video into a full length feature film, I am splitting it into 2 videos 

Please enjoy part one and see you tomorrow (or the next day for the 2nd part)

BTW - The DJ was fantastic and we loved the music 
All the music for both videos comes from the event playlist 

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