Friday, September 15, 2017

Costa Rica Independence Day 2017

Costa Rica Independence Day

September 15, 1821
In 1502, Christopher Columbus landed on Costa Rican soil, claiming the so-called "rich coast" for the Spanish. Throughout the colonial period, Costa Rica was the southernmost province in the Captaincy General of Guatemala, the Central American arm of the Spanish government. On September 15, 1821, after a final Mexican victory in the Mexican War of Independence, Guatemala also declared independence on behalf of Central America. Spain accepted the declaration without a fight. In October 1821, the Independence Act arrived in Cartago to notify Costa Rica of its sudden freedom.
After a brief civil war, in 1822 Costa Rica declared allegiance to the First Mexican Empire, which collapsed shortly after in 1823. At that time, Costa Rica and the rest of Central America united to establish the Central American Federation, or the Federal States of Central America. However, due to the country's remoteness and lack of resources, the Federation showed little interest in its southern province and Costa Rica reaped few rewards from its involvement. 
In 1834, the first Chief of State, Juan Mora Fernandez, signed the Aprilia Law to withdraw Costa Rica from the Central American Federation. In 1838, the second Chief of State, Braulio Carrillo, officially declared Costa Rica a sovereign state. However, in 1842, the new General Assembly claimed that the Costa Rica was still a part of the Federation. Costa Rica's four main cities – San Jose, Heredia, Alajuela and Cartago – argued for years over whether to accept Federation membership or declare freedom. In 1848, the decision was made and Costa Rica again declared itself a sovereign nation. 
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

American Expat Finds Retirement in Costa Rica - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

Hey y'all it's your girl.

There is a website up called Overseas American, it's a new site catering to Americans looking to move or find work abroad. They contacted me a few months ago for an interview to publish during their "go live" phase in September.

And today I got an email that the interview is up. Check me out and then if you would be so kind as to Comment/Rate the interview/Share it (you can choose one or all) - we would like to get the word out for folks looking to make the move and also so that we can see how many folks have read it, I would really appreciate it.

You can click on the link below the toucan or click here

Muchas Gracias!

American Expat Finds Retirement in Costa Rica - Had to Share This One

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Panama Jammin 7 - A Border Runs Through it

Well that's all folks! 

We have come to the end of our 7 day Panama Jammin Tour!!
Hope you enjoyed the videos!! If you have not seen all of them you can find them all here along with all my other videos. If you subscribe, you will get videos first, as soon as I release them.

This was really a fun and informative experience -- if you are interested in taking the Panama Jammin Tour I will update you here when we are ready to launch.

Now, Let's Talk Borders --

I would like to mention to any of you Costa Rica expats or potential expats -- if you do not have Costa Rica residency you can only remain in Costa Rica for 90 days on your US passport so you will need to make an exit from the country after 90 days.

If you choose to exit to Panama by land, you can use one of 3 borders.

Most travelers use the Costa Rica southern border at Paso Canoas on the Pacific side as we did or the Sixaola border near Puerto Viejo (which I highlight in this video) and the one we used on our return.

The Pacific border is the busiest border in Costa Rica because most of the commercial traffic exits there. At the Pacific border we were sent to a "special" room where our baggage was searched.

The Caribbean border at Sixaola is crowded as well with long lines (this border is mostly used by tourists and lots of young backpackers). At this border you will need to walk across a bridge from Panama to Costa Rica (or vice versa). The good news is--the bridge isn't as scary as it used to be! Both exits were quite an experience (which is one reason I prefer flying)! LOL I am not a big fan of border crossing, however, there is no way around border crossings if you leave the country (resident or not) so it is something you will need to adjust to. I will say that it was made MUCH easier on the Panama Jammin Tour because we had a Spanish speaking tour company/driver which instructed us and helped us with all the paperwork and dealt with the border people for us.That will be a BIG plus for folks taking this tour in the future! It was very hot outside and there were several very long lines at Sixaola and we got to move to the front of the line!

There is one other border, Rio Sereno located in the mountainous range somewhat in the middle of the Pacific & Caribe borders (it is the least trafficked border with no cargo crossings) if your paperwork is in order you can breeze through in less than an hour.  On the Panama side you will find the roads paved from Sererno to David, however coming from San Vito (Costa Rica), the road is a rather rough rocky road…which is probably why this border is still not widely used and quiet. 

My advice for smooth (land) border crossings is -- Be Prepared and Go By Bus (big or smaller as we did) Much less hassle. Just Sayin!!

Big Thanks to everyone for following along!

Check out our departure and border crossing in the video below
and I will see you back here soon for my regular postings!

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I'm a G-Gram - Our Life in Costa Rica

I thought I would add a special announcement today for those of you who are not on Facebook.


On Wednesday September 6, 2017 at 5:04 pm
We welcomed a new Baby Girl to our family
Sharahya Maxwell 
(pronounced Sha-RI-Ya) 
Sharahya means "little princess" in Hebrew
6lbs 7 oz and 19.5 inches long
Born to my granddaughter Khalia Ariel and her husband Carrington

This is my first GREAT grandchild!!!

Welcome to the World Little Princess!!


Pops doing diaper change duty

My granddaughter Khalia

I never knew any of my great grandparents, so I have no idea what to call myself. Thought I should get out in front of the naming thing lest I end up with some old fuddy duddy name. 
I have read of many.
So...Any suggestions please let me know!
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