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Time flies and yes my friends we have come to the end of the road (well sort of).
This was our very 1st video soon after our arrival in Costa Rica. I was pretty nervous about making videos.

I debuted this blog back in 2014 mostly as a journal for our relocation and also as a resource for others who might be following in our footsteps. I've had a ball blogging, making videos and answering questions about Costa Rica. I thank all of you for your patience as I learned the ropes.
Now that we have been in Costa Rica for 3 yrs, and are very close to our final residency approval, we want to spend time traveling the world again. We want to explore new countries and learn about other cultures. We would like to meet up with other expats and learn about their experiences. 

In order to do that, it required that we expand the parameters of the blog. 
Sooo...Relax we're still in Costa Rica but....

After F I V E Years
531 posts and 219 videos...
We are



We've launched a new website and we're excited to introduce you to our new look. It is also fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and portable devices.
We've introduced a range of new content including travel destinations, daily expat life, opinion, articles and more to the website including a new video channel (please subscribe).
Our popular blog has received a much needed facelift enabling you to sign up for updates right on the homepage, and access the articles that matter to you through smart topic filters.
We will still be blogging, making videos and answering questions about Costa Rica (so nothing changes there) and going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly through the Bella Blog and provide new articles and updates. We have included LOTS of relocation information (there are 2 dedicated Relocation pages) to help you plan your move to Costa Rica - and I will add relocation information for other areas as I research further. We also plan to add more video content on the new site. (If you have questions about relocation to a particular area, let me know and I can add it to the research list)

I designed the new website myself. We're really proud of it and feel it will create the experience you’re looking for when you pay us a visit. 
 We hope you like the changes.
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