Residency FAQ's


If you decide to relocate to Costa Rica, at some point you will have to decide how you are going to handle the 90 day limit for staying in the country using your US passport. 

For us it has been an exciting adventure - taking short hops every 90 days to visit neighboring countries in Central America & Mexico some point you will run out of new countries to see  Going further away requires longer travel times and more $$.

So...after 2 yrs of traveling around (we moved here on June 1, 2016), we have decided to take the plunge and apply for our temporary residency. You must apply for temporary residency 1st before you can apply for permanent residency and then after that you can apply for citizenship (if you desire). When we 1st moved here, I was not interested in dual citizenship, but with the way things are going in the US we are re thinking that option. 
If you are interested in the process you can follow our journey here and I will let you know how we proceed each step of the way.

Lavanson and I are filing separately using 2 different methods.
To save money he is using a service where he will be doing most of the legwork himself - obtaining the required forms on his own and submitting for processing through an Immigration Consultant and I am using a recognized Costa Rican law firm (many expats have used them - and they provide excellent immigration assistance). The firm will obtain and handle all forms, docs and do all paperwork for me (the lazy way out). There is a significant difference in cost, but we will talk more about that after we are further along. 

Stay tuned!

Update 5/9/19

 I win!! Lavanson is still waiting. I'll let you know when his is completed
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