Friday, July 25, 2014

Moving slow but Celebrating the baby steps - Black in Costa Rica

Back with a quick update!

I'm hoping this blog will prove to be an invaluable resource tool, as I look back on my preparation for retirement and relocation.  As an added bonus it may also help someone else. 

Costa Rican sloth photo source

But, I feel really good! 

We  have come a long way baby!  There are so many things to research to pull off a move like this.  Starting with the exploratory trip.  Yes, we still have a very long way to go but at least we are beginning to tie up loose ends regarding our first visit to the country.  I consider that progress!  We locked down a potential time slot to visit and set a deadline of September 15 for all those going to give their final confirmation. 

We’re working on our itinerary of stops and I have to say, I am really delighted with the information we've obtained through networking.  I can’t stress enough how beneficial it can be.  If I have a question I google first and then I head over to an online forum, Facebook or reach out to a fellow blogger.  The people are usually kind and helpful and they will often go out of their way to really help you.  I think of all the people I have contacted, only one or two have turned out to be duds (always expect that some people aren’t going to help you).  Don't take it personal.  Just keep on keeping on!   All the good advice, friendliness and support from the others totally outweighs the bad. 

So today I’m celebrating our progress thus far and giving a big shout out to all the people that have helped us by answering tons of questions (which I'm sure probably seem silly to them).  

Oh, maybe you are wondering why I posted the photo of the sloth today.  I don't f think I've ever really thought of seeing a sloth in my yard or slowly walking across the road or hanging from a tree overhead but it appears that is the norm in many areas of the country.  So, I've come to the conclusion that I better get used to this animal and I think a bit of research is on the horizon.  There is even a Sloth Sanctuary very close to the towns we are considering on the Caribbean coast.

So....stay tuned


Pura Vida
(a phrase meaning “pure life” that typifies Costa Rica's smart balance of nature and community)
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