Thursday, October 2, 2014

What is The Daily Dose?

Today I'm starting a new segment of this blog called "the daily dose".  It's going to be my private thoughts (well as private as thoughts can be on the internet) as I plot my way to retirement and a new life in Costa Rica.

In order to write candidly, I decided to un-invite the people who I invited to follow this blog.  And, I didn't tell them. They will just cease receiving updates. But, it's not as bad as it sounds. I was not updating very often and I usually tell them everything I'm thinking anyway.  It's just that I need a place to write down my thoughts and I think this will be the perfect forum. Once we get moved I can look back on this and compare the reality against what I think it will be like.

And, also since I am not doing any advertising anyway I don't expect that many people will find me.  If they do that's perfectly fine. Once I get settled I'll do a big launch and people can follow from planning to finish.

So here's to the future and an exciting journey!

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