Saturday, November 1, 2014

Home just got a little closer - Black in Costa Rica

I know people would be all over my case if I said publicly that I am just a "little" happy that PF Chang's is opening in Costa Rica.  I actually like PF Chang's and their high priced cocktails! 

Our neighborhood Pf Chang's
Now, I'm not saying that all change is good change. It's not, but there is still plenty of old world Costa Rica left. I see no issue with some home town eateries showing up. It's opening in the right place too.  Escazu is an upscale city where many other "US " style restaurants are also located. I admit it, from time to time I might just want to frequent something familiar. (if I were to say this on any of the Costa Rica expat forums - I would be barraged with sneering, jeering comments like "don't come here" and "stay home")  They will warn that soon Costa Rica will be a little "America" (Ok, Ok maybe that would not be good) But here's my point. It will be nice not to have to fly 3,000 mile back home for some China Bisrto.  And anyway, neither I nor them have any say in what types of places open in Costa Rica. (And I am happy to have my own blog where I get to say whatever I want) Just Sayin! 

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month - the horse is pink
Grupo Enjoy, an investor group in Costa Rica working with 100 percent domestic capital, is preparing to unveil its latest $2.5 million investment in early November. According to finance reporter Evelyn Fernandez of business weekly El Financiero, Grupo Enjoy will welcome diners to the very first P.F. Chang’s China Bistro in Costa Rica, located in the ritzy Avenida EscazĂș, on November 3rd.
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