Thursday, February 12, 2015

What I'm Packin! - Black in Costa Rica

Travel Wardrobe Capsule – Black and white and shades of gray

Been really busy working to narrow down the clothes for my upcoming trip. Been Mixing and matching outfits to wear for 15 glorious days in the tropics. 
Each of us has agreed to travel with only ONE carry on. So gotta make everything fit! That's the plan.
As we were fine tuning our itinerary I also attempted to fine tune my wardrobe selections. However, so far, no wardrobe plan has worked to meet all of my specifications. 
With time running out, I'm posting my most recent and hopefully my final attempt. 
I chose these pieces based on several factors and with a focus on total comfort dressing. No tight, clinging, digging pants. I'm not even taking a pair of jean (they are heavy and can also be very hot) We have a long flight and once we arrive we will be spending a great deal of time riding long distances on hot buses, which I also assume will probably a bit cramped. 
I don't anticipate that we will attend any dressy functions but I bought along 1 dress that can pass for dressy and I have a pair of trusty black pants. 

Four dresses

Six tops
All tops are inter changeable
All sleeves roll up.
Difficult to find short sleeve tops around here unless they are made for business attire

five pairs of pants
 navy, black and gray pants are all made of tencel

Batik long dress from Molly b

 2 swim suits
1 swim suit cover ups
Net King Tunic (also comes in black)
the tunic is not an "official" swim suit cover up. I'm just using it as one. 
It is very versatile. I have a million things I can wear under it. 

Also packing: 2 pairs of knee length shorts (khaki and pink) and 3 linen Tshirts (navy, black and olive green) 1 wrap, 1 pj, undies (I love thExOfficio Quick-Dry Full Brief $20 /pr) 2 pairs of Toms (black and ?? (a pair not  purchased yet)

So far everything fits. We'll see how many "must haves" I will have to add to the bag.

I'll take a photo each day of the outfit I wear once we get to Costa Rica.
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