Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Outback Jack's Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica - Black in Costa Rica

If you follow the Aspiring Expats on Facebook, no doubt you have seen this photo before. It is the one I display proudly as my cover photo. I have done so since I started researching Costa Rica and its Caribbean Coast.

I had not yet visited Puerto Viejo, but to me, this photo was a symbol of the spirit of the community I hoped to find there.

So of course when we arrived we went in search of it.

There are no addresses in Puerto Viejo so we wandered down the colorful streets until we came upon the town's most eccentric bar/restaurant located on Calle 213. Almost all of the buildings in Puerto Viejo are very colorful and unique, but it's design stands out and makes a bold statement. 

The establisment is a quirky collection of vintage collectibles and knick-knacks that hang from the ceilings.  It has great food, a funky vibe, and a fun atmosphere.
Kooky & Colorful just like the man

This is Jack. We spoke with him and he told us about coming to Puerto Viejo over 2 decades ago after also living in the US and Canada.  He is originally from Australia - hence the name "Outback" Jack's. Jack says he has no plans of ever leaving.

Appetizers $5-$14; Entrees $11-$23

Did you thnk I was going to sign off without showcasing the interior and the other exterior photos of Outback Jack's? Tsh Tsh, well of course not!

Check it out
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