Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Bold Peace Documentary - Relocation to Costa Rica

Many of you already know that one of the primary reasons why I chose to move to Costa Rica had to do with the fact that they have NO military!

The film, A Bold Peace Documentary 2014, about the demilitarization of Costa Rica will be discussed in Chicago this Thurs 8/20/15.

This documentary film will bring attention to Costa Rica’s inspirational national project, answering why happiness, health, and human rights occupy a relatively prominent place in this Central American country. Pointed parallels and contrasts are made with recent U.S. debates over the national debt, healthcare, the environment and the escalating cost of U.S. militarism.

Over 60 years ago, Costa Rica became one of the only nations in the world to disband their military and to redirect national resources towards education, health, and the environment.

Since then, Costa Rica has earned the number one spot in the Happy Planet Index, a ranking of countries based on measures of environmental protection and the happiness and health of its citizens. 

The World Database of Happiness, with data on 149 nations compiled by a Dutch sociologist, lists Costa Rica as number one in self-reported happiness and number one in happy life years.

Today, Americans spend over $800 billion annually on a massive military system, with bases in over 100 countries. We do this while gutting our schools and our social safety net for children, the elderly, and the sick. Will we in the U.S. take a hard look at this military industrial complex and its role in shortchanging our children’s future? 
We can do better.

Take a few minutes to watch the trailer! Truly worth seeing

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