Sunday, August 30, 2015

Do you know what happens to your checked baggage at the airport - follow your bag via video

So you spend a ton of money on your luggage and you check it in at the airport. You expect to see it in good shape when it arrives at your destination.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like for your checked luggage at the airport?

Here are 2 different videos showing how luggage is handled. The first video below is  

Five baggage handlers who were fired after this video which shows passengers' luggage being hurled onto conveyor belt at Saudi Arabian airport (full story)

Compare the video above to this second video where there is a camera hooked up to the piece of baggage at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam - this modern technology even employs the use of robotic baggage handlers (which I would prefer based on the treatment of the human baggage handler)

Where does your luggage go, what does it see, who touches it — does it make suitcase friends along the way? While many of those questions remain unanswered, a new video shot from the point of view of a piece of baggage cruising around behind the scenes at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is definitely mesmerizing. 
Enjoy the ride!

video link

Which do you prefer???

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