Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Aspiring Expats take their first Spanish Class

On Sunday afternoon, The Aspiring Expats began our Spanish lessons.

We decided to use our weekly scheduled meeting time to do the classes.

We are taking the lessons from Jessica. She lives in Costa Rica (is teaching us Costa Rican Spanish) and is a certified Spanish teacher (from the US).  She makes the lessons interesting and fun with her use of music and rhyme. The class was even more fun because we also had plenty of tasty food to nibble on and a little wine to wash it down. (My motto is: EVERYTHING goes better with wine!)

Seriously though, we really enjoyed the class and I think we all caught on pretty quickly. Our lesson began with an introductory skype call with Jessica, followed by an audio file which explained the lesson plan and our homework assignment. BTW - the homework for this week is to learn the alphabet, and be able to spell our names in Spanish.

I decided to post these videos so that we will have a record of how we sounded at the beginning of the classes as compared to how we sound at the end (hopefully a lot better!)

Video 1 - features "the studious one" She took copious notes about -- the alphabet?
Still not sure what she discovered that we didn't know
but when asked to repeat the alphabet -
she was right on point

Take a listen

Video 2 - features "the brainiac" You know, the one who has already taken a subject before, so has some knowledge already.
The one who just can't help themselves from sharing what they know!

Take a listen

Let's Get Started ABC's 1st Try

Video 3 - Features the group repeating the alphabet "together"
However one of us seems to have run away with the show!
When asked, the brainiac replied:
"I must have been the closest one to the mic"

Take a listen

All in fun
Good job guys!

**(if you subscribe to this blog via email and cannot see the videos please click my site link and watch directly on the blog or click the Let's Get Started links to view via vimeo - thank you)
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