Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Those Precious Moo-ments in Costa Rica

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have people come into our lives that we just click with right off, even though we have not met them in person -- and somehow you just know you will be friends! Such is the case with me and my Costa Rica Gal-Pals (they are the same ladies which I have written about and have shared some of their Costa Rica journey here on the blog).

They have the right attitude, along with a kind and gentle spirit, that I think will help them make a successful transition to expat life in Costa Rica. I am thankful for the many, many invaluable relocation tips they have shared (which I plan to put to good use). I am so looking forward to meeting them in person and hanging out with them when we arrive next year.

When recounting their adventures, I oftentimes paraphrase our conversations, although both of them are excellent communicators, however today, I want to share a post with you,
written by Wanda
in her own words....

A couple of months ago, high in the mountainous jungle of Costa Rica, I met this lady. We had stopped to wait for our friend to arrive with a car. She was hanging laundry, which had been washed by hand considering there was no electricity in her home. Her cow, who provides the family with milk, wandered up in search of a drink on a hot day. Lunch was cooking from a stone oven in her house - a fragrant scent. She had little to offer us, but in the gracious spirit of these precious Costa Rican people, she invited us to sit on a rock in her yard. Then, as a gesture of welcome, she pulled from her tree, a branch of mamon chio. (A vibrant fruit). We did not speak the same language, but I am learning that a language barrier does not null and void communication. Give thanks today and be joyful for what you have. Over and over again, I have seen the most JOYFUL people who are rich - not by the standards of the world - but truly RICH in joy...Father, let me never forget...moments such as these.
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