Monday, May 2, 2016

Day Dreaming and I'm thinking of you - On the move to Costa Rica

Packing is the worse thing EVER!
 I would rather do almost anything else.

'Hey baby let's get away let's go some place, huh'' *Where, I don't care" (Day Dreaming - Aretha Franklin 1972)

However, today (my 1st Monday after retirement)
I am heading into the home stretch of our relocation plan
but first
I must get ALL of my belonging packed. Some will be shipped to Costa Rica at the end of the week, to arrive in about a month. Another group will be stored for use if we return to the US (after all if we do come back I do not want to start over from scratch) Yet another group will be things I am taking in my suitcases.

My strategy is to move items to the living room and pack from there. Clearing the area and then bringing in the next group. It's a bit easier in the living room as I can pack to the chatter of the TV.

Currently this is what my living room looks like.
A similar look exists in the bedroom and the bathroom on a smaller scale.

The U-Haul box is what we are shipping to Costa Rica
the box is now a little over 1/2 full

This is our living room in Costa Rica

In between packing I dream about what it will be like to finally arrive in Costa Rica and I look forward to decorating our new house.
Decorating is a favorite of mine (unlike packing)

This is our covered (tiled) patio in Costa Rica
(shown here w/furniture from the house as they were cleaning at the time)

Since a lot of time will be spent outside I having been thinking of ideas to make this space a little more livable

Now, before you get the wrong idea and start sending me comments - we are in no way going to remodel our patio to look anything like the following photos.

I am mostly getting ideas for using curtains. I have a ton of sheers which I will be taking with me and would like to use.
Our patio will have a table and some chairs, possibly a grill and then some other decorations.
Design on the cheap

It's fun to dream though LOL

My Houzz: Iris Dankner
Dressel Pool Pavilion, Woodside, CA
Contemporary outdoor dining
photo source

OK now, back to packing!
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