Sunday, June 5, 2016

It's official - We have arrived in Costa Rica!!


After 3 years of planning, research and weekly meetings, we are in Costa Rica! Yay
We are beginning our stay in a cute little town called Grecia.

All of our plans have come together pretty much as I envisioned. (thank goodness)

I gave up my apartment on 5/12 and spent the next 2 weeks with Lavanson & Charles. We packed up the items of furniture which I am keeping and they are safely stored. My car was placed at my brother's house.

On 5/28 we flew from Oakland to Los Angeles to spend the next few days with a friend and on Tuesday May 31st we left Los Angeles on a (red eye) 12:57 am Delta flight to San Jose Costa Rica.

We upgraded seats to Delta Comfort for extra legroom. The 5 hour flight was very pleasant.

Taxi to Grecia

Upon arrival we breezed through immigration/customs and not one of our 8 bags was inspected (although I did take a piece of advice which I read about and we got one of the many porters to take our bags through for us - I gave him $10).

We ordered a taxi from Randall Perez who has a taxi service in Grecia and the driver was waiting with my name on a sign (he also had my picture in his hand). We were pretty hungry so on the ride to our house we asked to stop at a little soda (restaurant) and grabbed a bite to eat. Then he drove us to our new home where the owner's sister was waiting with a key. Easy breezy.

The airport is about 45 minutes from Grecia. Taxi was $60 (no tips required or expected in Costa Rica) - we are about 15 minutes from center of town on a ridge at approx 4,100 feet.

Below is a video as we were approaching touchdown at Juan Santamaria International airport at 7:19am on 5/31.

for those mail subscribers who cannot see the video 
Below is the video

Our luggage

our newest Tico friend @ the airport giving us directions LOL
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