Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Name that fruit! - Our life in Costa Rica

We've been taking Spanish lessons since August. One class per week on Thursday for 2 hours. We are coming along nicely. I took French in high school which helps me a little. Lavanson already knew some Spanish before we moved here, so of course he is doing much better than I am. Even so, we still find it extremely helpful to practice with someone who speaks the language fluently, (whenever we have the opportunity). Marcelo our landlord, has been learning English (as are many of the Costa Ricans) so we have all found it very beneficial to practice with/on each other.

We have also been very curious about the wide array of fruits and vegetables which are available here and many growing in our yard. (and many just lying around on the ground)

Today Marcelo came over to the house and showed us several of the fruits that grow in our yard.

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We have so much to learn

Please join us on Saturday when Marcelo takes us down in the valley behind our house. It was nothing like we thought it would be!!
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