Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dinner with the Taylor's - Life in Costa Rica

Life is simple here...
Raw footage if you would like to listen
Our friends Deborah & Larry (from Houston) -- she was the kind lady who offered to bring my linen outfits back from the states for me -- invited us over for dinner on Wednesday. Oeuvres included chips with guacamole & mango. She prepared the best vegetarian chili I have ever tasted! Along with that we had watermelon and feta salad. Our before dinner drink was Cacique with tonic (Cacique Guaro is a brand of guaro produced by Fábrica Nacional de Licores or "FANAL". The Cacique Guaro is a sugar cane liquor of high purity and is the best selling distilled spirit in Costa Rica. It is known as "Costa Rica liqueur". As it has a neutral taste, guaro can be consumed pure or combined with any natural or artificial mixing). Dessert was a just cooked chocolate chip cookie made in a frying pan (so sliced like pie) and topped with vanilla ice cream. What a great cook she is!!

Larry is a musician. Lavanson brought along a few of his Native American flutes and they played together. Now mind you, Lavanson is NOT a musician but they managed to find a good harmony. I did not have my camera but I did have my iPhone so I shot some raw footage of the 2 tuning up and working on harmony. Rare to hear a Native flute and an Americana Guitar together right? The 2 are going to practice in his studio in the coming days so I expect to hear some pretty interesting music. Stay tuned

A good time was had by all. 

(Thank you to Lavanson & Larry for allowing me to post their practice session)


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