Thursday, December 1, 2016

Charlie Brown is alive and well at our house in Costa Rica!

We didn't bring one single decoration for the Christmas Holidays.
Christmas is a REALLY BIG DEAL here -- we found out

So....I tried to make do as best I could 
Trees are super duper expensive (like $150 for a tiny fake tree) 
They also use this wide ribbon to decorate the trees with (which I do not like - one of my friends told me I would get used to it - so we will see)
I bought some and I'm using it as a runner. See below

filled the oxcart with a bulb and a pine cone
and Friendsgiving chicken is pulling double duty

On our recent trip to PriceSmart, after weighing the cost of the trees, I decided to go with this LED version. Came in red, blue, green and white. Has little flowers and is REALLY bright. I opted for the white thinking I can use it later for other occasions. Cost was about $36

Beginning tree preparation for our Charlie Brown Xmas Tree

To add bulbs or not to add bulbs?

Ok so...added more bulbs 
I think it fits in with our landscape quite nicely (smiling)

All done

Lights please!

Ta Da!

We're having some friends over this afternoon for snacks. I'll take some pics. We're snacking on our patio (however we are not decorating out there as it is still raining) 

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!
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