Saturday, December 31, 2016

The day before - Our Life in Costa Rica

So I think I pretty much met my goal of posting pictures everyday this month! My plan was to resume posting twice a week, except, I have been getting so many inquiries from people contemplating moving here (Trump fall out).

I have been asked me to continue posting frequently. So, we shall see. I am also working on adding a section where I will feature pertinent information for people moving here, like best areas to live, schools, services etc. Also working on an FAQ, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from our Friday in town 
(errand day and feria day)

We learned that the feria would be closed today (Sat) and that the special hours on Friday would be 8am - 8pm (usually noon to 9pm). So we hopped on the 9:00 bus and headed into town. 

first stop...

Lavanson wanted to buy more sublingual vitamin B12
(which we could not find in farmacia #1) 
Notice the jello on the shelf? Costa Ricans eat Jello and drink lots and lots on Tang! 

Inside of a typical farmacia. If you have to get an immunization, you go to the farmacia and they give you the shot, not the doctor. 

 We had to go to several different pharmacies. 

Thank goodness they have nice benches where I can sit and wait while he asks. His Spanish is pretty good these days. Me, still? Mi Espanol est malo! 
My seat was right in front of the weight machine.

 I noticed just about everyone who came into the farmacia got on the scale. It spits out a paper with the printed results on it. I did not get on (I stopped torturing myself years ago)

Last stop was Macrobiotica in the mercado central. 
No luck but you can certainly work up quite an appetite walking up and down the streets of Grecia!

Grabbed some breakfast at Arte Latte (right across from the church. (I took this picture while we were eating) Lots of expats hang out there as they have a more American style menu. While we we there, we met up with our friends Leeana & Mark (going to the feria as well) So we decided to go together. We caught a taxi (convenient stand, right by the church). Cost for trip to the feria was about $.80. We were there in 5 minutes.

 After the feria, we walk down the street to Maxi Pali to do grocery shopping for other items

 (Oh BTW, right before we left home, I was getting ready to get into the shower, and...the water went off.  Very typical here. They are forever testing the water here. No complaints though, as the water is excellent. We no longer have to drink bottled water (cha ching - think of the savings!). 
When we returned home, the water was back on)

 Sunset from El Cajon

Friday evening we attended Holiday Party #4, celebrating the last day of Hanukkah 
with friends on El Cajon ridge. 

Sign of a good party, right? 
Nuff said!

Tonight we close out the year by celebrating with friends in Escazu
Party #5. 

See you tomorrow!

Happy New Year!!!

Have a safe New Year's Eve everyone!
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