Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Last Happy Hour - Our Life in Costa Rica

Eight days and counting...

Bye, Bye to Isabel's until next year!

She will be closed for the next few weeks to spend time with her family for the holidays.

She served a scrumptious dinner tonight, as usual. 
She always offers about 5 different selections.
My choice was flautas w/chipotle sauce and a small salad.  
Lavanson had a small salad. 
Total cost for both $14 (no tipping here)
Isabelle makes everything herself, preparing each plate specifically & individually 
(sometimes with the help of one of her children)
using fresh produce from the organic farm next door. 
(BTW - Her homemade salad dressing is so good I asked if I could buy some, 
which she sold me for $4 - you can see one of the bottles on the table)

Isabel from birthday a few wks ago
Isabel is so sweet she gave us each a gift bag of homemade cookies and chocolate eclairs! 

Next week will be party time up on the ridge! 
So we're gettin ready to par-tay!

My gal pals, Deborah & Jane

Oops, I had already started to eat before I remembered to take a photo, so the presentation is off a bit but the food is wonderful.

Also, here are a couple of pictures of the manger materials at the feria today.
We watched these 2 unload and set up. There were 3 other vendors booths.

My photo pic for today
My Sweet Lily

Enjoy your Saturday

See you tomorrow!
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