Saturday, February 4, 2017

Bread Line - Our life in Costa Rica

It's Friday and you know what that means - it's feria day!

See the frosted pastry  in my cart above? It's carrot cake!

Our basket

There was very long line yesterday for the vendor below (light blue shirt) and the line was full of expats. That got our attention and made us curious. So, we wandered over to inquire.

We learned that the line was for bread(s). 

The vendor lives in the nearby city of Atenas. He makes several different breads (US style) If you remember back, I mentioned that the bread here is absolutely LOUSY (along with the cheese)! He makes french rolls, sour dough, cinnamon swirl, herb bread, pretzels, bagels (which everyone loves) along with several pastries (like carrot cake). He also has bacon (which he cures and smokes), sausage, ham and some cheeses. You can also pre order (which might be a good idea) because by the time we got up to the front, there was very little left -  he did have these 2 loaves of bread (herb & brioche) and I also got some bacon. I ate the carrot cake last night. It was yummy. We will check out the bread later today. It will be nice to finally have some good bread (I stopped baking my own due to the tiny easy bake oven in our house and the recipe altitude adjustments that need to be made).

When you live in Costa Rica, the simple things can make all the difference!
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