Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Making Waves in Puerto Viejo - Our Life in Costa Rica

So we went to Puerto Viejo! 
In case you didn't know, 
Puerto Viejo is one of my most favorite places to be.

We would be living there today if it were it not for --

1) The hot and humid weather. This trip it was not excruciatingly hot but the humidity almost reached my tolerance level (Smiling)
2) Poor infrastructure (including cell and internet service)
3) Proximity and access to services (such as medical) There are medical clinics in town, however the hospital is in Limon (about 30 miles away) and I would say that hospital is not equipped to handle many of the emergencies that might arise. The San Jose Central Valley area is 4 1/2 hours away. In an emergency you would need to be airlifted out. Not something I want to worry about at my age.
5) Housing choices - when we looked before we could not find any homes built to US standards for rent. Most of the houses are open plan indoor outdoor and very minimal. I can live without the animals and insects having access to me  24/7 thank you! 

However.....NONE of this takes away from how much We LOVE it there. The sense of community and the diverse population (and did I mention the food?) cannot be beat!!!

We had a TERRIFIC trip! We are going to attempt making the trip to Puerto Viejo at least quarterly

Ladies only pictured here

This trip we were a group of 7 (the Cal 5 plus 2 as our friend Gerald refers to us) Five of the group hailing from Northern California (Bay Area) and 2 from Chicago.

I would say that the trip was partly fun & relaxation and partly a due diligence tour for the newbies as they formulate their plans for relocation to Costa Rica. 

Due Diligence is #One in making a successful move.

Get the facts 

Research - Research - Research

Go there and check it out 1st hand

Expect the unexpected

Will this work for you?

If not, go back and revise
Always have a Plan B

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