Thursday, March 16, 2017

Reggae on the beach in Puerto Viejo - Our Life in Costa Rica

There are many places to go in Puerto Viejo for nightlife and music. 

A few of these places are located directly on the beach. 

When we were in Puerto Viejo in 2015 we went to Koki Beach & Lazy Mon. On this trip we enjoyed the daytime vibe, as we lunched at Lazy Mon and did a bit of people watching. 

No place better for that!

For evening, this time we chose Salsa Brava, the perfect spot to watch the sunset and enjoy food, drinks and LIVE music with DJ.  The drinks were pretty good as was the food (which was very affordable I might add). 

We did not have a chance to check our Koki Beach on this trip.

Sample the music @ Salsa Brava in the video below
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