Thursday, November 16, 2017

Riviera Maya Update - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

Do you happen to remember one of my main goals for our trip to Mexico (other than border run and the wedding of course)?

Well, just by chance, I actually found a Sephora in Playa del Carmen. I had planned to go into Cancun to shop, but when we inquired at the concierge about transportation, we were told that the cost would be $60 EACH way! OUCH!!! The concierge suggested we might try shopping in the smaller, closer little town of Playa del Carmen for about $25/ea way.

So we went for it.

The last time we were in Cancun was about 20 yrs ago and boy how things have changed! On our 1st trip we had to catch a "chicken bus" to our resort (the Copacabana). I remember thinking that I wasn't much interested in visiting again. This time -- it was a whole new ball game! The highway was nice and wide and speed limits were up to 100 km/h in some areas. There were also many beautiful resorts lining the road. So I guess it comes as no surprise that the sleepy, almost non existent, town of Playa del Carmen has really grown as well.

Oh and BTW - coming through immigration in Mexico (no hassles and with a smile even) we were given 180 days compared to the 90 day max in Costa Rica.

"Mexico you are looking pretty good!"👍👍

We shopped on 5th Ave at a beautiful multi level mall and I found a Sephora. Yep, went in and they had the entire line of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna -- Black Girls Rock!!

I had the beauty consultant match my color for me. He also did my makeup and I bought several items. I am still not convinced that I have the correct shade so I ordered what "I" think I should be and a friend is going to "mule" it back from the the states when she returns from California on Dec 4th. (muling is a term used when you have a product(s) delivered to you -- that you probably cannot get on your own -- by shipping or having someone pick up the product for you elsewhere and bring it back to you via airplane)

we bought the hanging mobile -- bottom right

Once I get my Fenty products I am going to record
 my very 1st video makeup review!!
It is very rare to find any type of makeup tutorial on youtube featuring women over 50 (and especially black women) and in my case, well...we know that I am quite a bit past 50 -- so I think a video review is in order!

In the meantime, my makeup consult @ Sephora is below.

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