Thursday, December 28, 2017

House Hunting in Costa Rica - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

I am forever on the look out for nice houses...I came across an excellent possibility for one of my newbie expat friends. She is single and was looking for a house with a view, some land for an organic garden and to plant herbs. She wanted it to be somewhat secluded and quiet but still close to services.

Just so happened that at a recent party I spoke with an expat couple that are moving back to the states. They described their rental house and it sounded perfect for her. I called her and told her all about it and we made arrangements to see it yesterday. We both LOVED it. 

So, as it stands right now, she is going to take it.

Here are a few pics. (the people are still living there so I didn't take photos of a lot of the inside) It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (one bath has been completely remodeled with granite counters AND mirrors). TONS of closet and storage space, even a HUGE walk in closet. It's not a big house but nicely laid out. Upgraded kitchen, laundry area, garage, hot water throughout. Nice yard, lots of trees. It is unfurnished so she will have to buy furniture or have it made and also buy stove and refrigerator (the couple already sold the ones in the house). 

Also here's a tip - if you are thinking of moving to Costa Rica's Central Valley -- as much as I love it here in Grecia -- the prices have gone up since all the US expats have started living here and the next city over is Sarchi. Sarchi is a quaint little town famed throughout Costa Rica for its brightly colored, intricately constructed handicrafts. It is about an hour’s drive from San José and 15 minutes from Grecia Central. You will find much better options for affordable housing (although even with higher rents, Grecia is still MUCH less expensive than anything you could rent in the Bay Area - believe me!!!)

BTW just in case you wondered - the rent is currently $400/mo unfurnished
Check out my short video

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