Monday, January 29, 2018

Slow Your Roll - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

I find that my life is extremely calm and peaceful these days. And for that, I am grateful!

I'm sure part of it has to do with my retirement, but an even BIGGER part of it is...the laid-back, relaxed lifestyle of Costa Rica. I have almost forgotten about the "hurry up, let's get it done" energy of my old life back in the states. I only think about it once in a while now.

Sometimes when I am in the midst of the beauty and tranquility of the moment, my old life will flash before my eyes. Thank goodness it is only a fleeting thought! However, we will be going back to the states on Thursday to shop for odds and ends, so I will be thrust right back into the hustle and bustle. It's interesting because, the shift happens very quickly--as soon as we off board the plane. It hits you. The Americalifestyle!! People scurrying, LOUD voices, lots of cars jammed onto freeways, fast food restaurants everywhere, high rise buildings, neon signs, parking lots and shopping malls! HaHa

OK - Get ready cuz here we come!!!

But before we go, here's a video of how I spent my Sunday afternoon.

Take Some time to Smell the Roses!!

Take Some Time To Smell The Roses from Devon on Vimeo.
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