Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Black Hair Care Services - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

Black Girl Hair Update: 
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Lots of ladies have contacted me regarding hair services for women of color.
I have posted some photos from my appointment with my Sisterlock Consultant yesterday. She came to my house to do my hair. I usually have to go to her home in Heredia. Perhaps if we have more people in the Grecia area we can work it out so that she will come to us. 

I have also attached her price list. You can reach Carmen at carmenhutchinsonmiller@gmail.com
For those with relaxed hair - in Grecia Central, I have finally located one salon that can do your hair. My friend Verdette went to him about a month ago. She doesn't have the name of the salon, but the stylist's name is Henry. Ph# 8949-9393 cell & home 2494-7356. Per Verdette - You should bring your own preferred shampoo and conditioner. Also if you have a preferred relaxer you can bring that too. He was running low on the one he had (you might ask him when you make the appt to double check) He uses only flat iron and no barrel curler. She had touch up, cut and style. The cost was $100 USD (which she thought was a bit pricey - maybe "gringo" pricing). But, hey, if you can't do it yourself, at least there is somewhere to go. 

IMO - Still best bet in Costa Rica is to have natural hair that you can do yourself although there will be more options for stylists in the San Jose area. 

Hope this helps!

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