Monday, March 5, 2018

Light up My Life - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

We spent a fun filled Saturday at our friends, Toni & Steve's home in Naranjo, Costa Rica. I wrote about Toni last year. We met at a monthly Blooms meeting. Blooms is a women's networking (and charitable) group here in the Central Valley where we expat ladies meet (the location changes each month) to network, gab and break bread together.  Meeting are held on the last Tuesday of the month.

(Oh and Toni was one of our group at the Bruno Mars concert)

We don't get a chance to see each other half as often as I would like because she lives a ways from us (perfect example of distance and time in Costa Rica). Their house is approx 16 miles from Grecia but takes 30-40 mins by car) and it is very difficult to get to her place by bus, so unless they drive to Grecia to pick us up, the easiest mode of transport for us is by taxi (cost about $32 roundtrip using an unofficial taxi).

Toni & Steve have a really cool house! Recently they added a bunch of lights around the outside perimeter of their home (it seemed like there were lights in every tree and every bush!). They invited expats and local friends over to see the light show on Saturday.

Toni called her event, the Festival de Las Luces (or Festival of the Lights). Not to be confused with the official Festival of Lights celebration.

The party started at 3pm and went on into the early evening. It was quite a magical show!! We made sure to take copious notes and are planning to incorporate similar lighting in our yard.

Thanks 👏 Toni & Steve for
the invite,
the fun,
the food,
the lights
 and the company!!!

Take a peek at the party!

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