Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What's the hold up? - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

Residency Update -

No, I still do not have my "nĂºmero de expediente". This is the doc you need to end the "visa/border runs" while waiting for temporary residency to be approved (Lavanson received his a few wks ago)

I phoned my lawyer to check on the status and was told that the hold up is that the apostille of my birth certificate has not yet been received. Everything else is good.

Mine will be coming from Kansas and BTW there are some states that take forever and a day just to get the certified birth certificate. One of the worst is NY. So just be aware if you need to get your BC from NY you will have a long wait. You might want to start on it early to give it enough time to get to you or it can also hold up the process.

~~~~~~About the Apostille~~~~~~

Costa Rican government agencies cannot accept official documents issued abroad without the proper legalization procedure. Think of it as “exporting” the document to Costa Rica.

If your home country is party to the Apostille Convention (such as the USA and most of Europe, but not Canada), you can have your foreign document (such as birth certificate or police check) apostilled by the competent local authority.

If your home country is not party to the Apostille Convention then you will need the document authenticated by the Costa Rican consulate in that country. At Costa Rica Immigration Experts we can guide you through this process.

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