Monday, July 30, 2018

Just Sit - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #3

In the rainy season...It rains!

Yesterday afternoon right after our Spanish class (about 2:30) the rain began to fall. At first it started with a few big rain drops. Then the rain got heavier and heavier and louder and louder. Next came the thunder  - a very LOUD thunder - which is always a warning to us to "unplug" our computers (and other appliances). But...we only heard one loud thunder and before I could get to my office to unplug -- there was another loud boom -- 
-- and then the lights went out!

The rain only lasted about half an hour, so after it was over I went outside and took some photos of the beautiful clouds.

Unfortunately for us, it seems that our road was one of the few that experienced a power outage that lasted about 5 hours.

During the daylight hours Russ & Lavanson both took naps. (I am not a napper) We spent a good portion of the evening by candlelight. I have a radio with batteries so we listened to the local jazz station and I did a little reading. Of course we could also use our cell phones so that was a plus!

However, when the lights came back on, our big screen tv did not!'s off to the repair shop for evaluation. 

Pura Vida in Costa Rica
Never a dull moment!!!

Ask me again, "what do you do all day?" 😏

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