Saturday, July 19, 2014

Connections in Costa Rica - Black in Costa Rica

We have been going hot and heavy with our research on Costa Rica.

Martina's Place Hostel Drake Bay
A couple of weeks ago we had a very informative conversation with Andy from Boomers Offshore (also on the call was Richard who has taken over Andy's Due Diligence Tours.  Richard's tours are called Fact and Fantasy Due Diligence Tours). We spoke for about an hour on the phone and we got a lot of our questions answered.  And..It was very nice to learn that the tours will continue.

After the call I ventured out again into cyber space to make more connections and find more people that we can connect with.  First hand information is always better.  I have another contact who lives in Costa Rica (most of the time), and he has been helpful beyond words! Everyone I have reached out to so far has been very kind and extremely helpful!  I found a number of websites that I had not seen before and I even reached out to one expat couple and I am attempting to connect with them by phone as well.  It would be really nice to have a number of people in country that we might be able to meet  when we go over on our trip.

Until then, we will content ourselves to continue researching on our own.

We now have a tentative trip date for 2015.  We will try to stay for 15 days. I think that will be enough time to at least get a good feel for the vibe of the country. We already have a lodging possibility lined up with a family friend who has a hostel on the Osa Peninsula (Drake Bay).  I have never met her but am looking forward to our meeting. I would like to see us stay in 3-4 locations in the country to get a bit of a feel for where we might want to put down some temporary roots when we go over in 2016.  We plan to stay for about a year and make our decision about next steps after that.

As I was thinking about the plan for the journey, it came to me that we need to familiarize ourselves more with the country as far as geography goes.  We have no idea where anything is. Every time a city is named we have to go to the map to see where it is.  So, I made up some maps along with facts about the different areas in Costa Rica.  At our meeting this week we are going to have a little quiz.

Shhh, the group members don't know there will be a test! (smiling) 

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped us. We appreciate you!
and...Stay tuned for more updates
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