Thursday, October 16, 2014

This is how we do it! - Feet on the street in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica - Black in Costa Rica

Tonight I am doing the happy dance.

This is how we do it
Montell Jordan

I've been chatting with my new friend Ashlea for several months now. We met on Facebook due to our mutual interest in relocating to Costa Rica (particularly the Puerto Viejo area located on the Southern Caribbean coast).

Ashlea and I had many really long, drawn out IM conversations on Saturday mornings. Each of us confessing our true desires (like possibly finding a boutique or some place to shop and how to open up a business) and our fears (like too many insects, wild animals and lousy internet).

Ashlea, her mom and a friend made plans to visit Costa Rica several months earlier than our planned spring time trip. So, she promised to report back to me and give me the 411 on the area.

Well, she arrived yesterday and she is following through on her promise.

Looks like the only glitch so far has been the flight over (Spirit Air).  I have been very hesitant about taking advantage of one of the advertised "cheap" flights. They keep popping up on my fare alert. I think Ashlea took one of those flights and it was delayed in Miami.  The delay pushed them back a day. My plan is to fly Jet Blue to Ft Lauderdale and then on to Costa Rica.  Not the cheapest fare but reasonable if we wait for the right time to buy our tickets.

When they finally arrived in Costa Rica they made the 4 hour bus trip to Puerto Viejo. She reports that the trip seemed a bit long but explains it was due to their earlier flight delay.  A thumbs up to the bus and the beautiful scenery along the way.

The initial report was that the place is packed full of culture and pretty cool place despite the fact that it is also very hot and VERY humid. However, we both knew this going in.

They stayed at the  his cute little place called the Coco Loco Lodge. A very nice, quite little place a bit off the beaten path and with no AC and mosquito nets--a plus.  On their 1st night they endured a power outage but were assured that although it happens from time to time (generally when it had rained a lot) It is not the norm.  In spite of this they were very happy with their lodging choice.  They did miss the earthquake that rocked Costa Rica the day before.

Our plan is to stay at Le Caméléon Boutique Hotel in Cochles, located on a beautiful beach a few miles from Puerto Viejo.

They had a chance to check out Bread and Chocolate, a bakery and bistro in Puerto Viejo.  It's also on our list of places when we eat. The breakfasts look scrumptious.

Because we both have pets, Ashlea and I discussed the stray dog situation which I've read a lot about. The rumors appear to be true although she says the dogs seem friendly.

The people are very helpful and they getting loads of info.

Now they are off to dinner and some music at The Lazy Mon. Can't wait for the review!!

Pura Vida!

new friends in Puerto Viejo

Thank you Ashlea, Wanda and Tommy

and stay tuned for more

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