Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Tale of 2 San Jose's - But what about the crime?

I was hearing so much about the crime in Costa Rica that I became a bit concerned (again) even though I thought I had the crime thing all worked out in my head.

A couple of weeks ago Michael & D'Angelo posted this video of a burglary that happened to them in their apartment close to San Jose, Costa Rica. Even with the video footage below, the police did nothing.

I started getting that anxious feeling again.

Today on Facbook I saw video footage of another burglary, close to San Jose, California.
Possibly the only difference is that "maybe" (and that's a BIG maybe) if they catch these 2 thieves, something might happen to them. But since I have very little faith in the police anymore, whether they do something about it or not doesn't make much difference to me. 
 I feel better now (I mean I'm sorry for the victims)
the point for me is .....   

I need to keep it in all in perspective, 
this kind of crime can happen anywhere!! 

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