Thursday, January 15, 2015

Money, Money, Money! - Black in Costa Rica

The other day I was getting a little nervous wondering about how and where to exchange money for our Costa Rica trip.  I have made currency exchanges for past trips abroad at a currency exchange location in San Francisco prior to our tirps.

The colón (named after Christopher Columbus, known as Cristóbal Colón in Spanish) is the currency of Costa Rica. The plural is colones. The ISO 4217 code is CRC.
The symbol for the colón is a capital letter "C" crossed by two diagonal strokes.
more about the Colon
I realized that you don't get the best exchange rate at these locations and for some reason I was under the impression that I was to make the exchange at the San Jose upon arrival. I asked our Costa rica contact about this and was told that in fact, the airport was the worst place to exchange money. The preferred option would be the use a bank. However, we are arriving very early in the morning on a Saturday and I doubt that we will be able to get to a bank.

How will we get to our hotel or do anything without the local currency?

Good question

Have no fear!  Michael & D'Angelo to the rescue (thanks guys!).

Cleared everything up and now I'm all set!

Take a listen

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