Monday, February 23, 2015

Bag Time - Black in Costa Rica

Saturday I was doing a bit of last minute shopping for our trip. I was on College Ave, in the Elmwood district of Berkeley (I was searching for a shoe store which I thought carried an assortment of Tom's shoes).

I happened upon a little boutique called Therapy. Lots of cute and stylist clothes there (most of which I think would have been perfect for my younger size 4 body) anyway, I spotted a cute purse by GraceAnn which would be perfect as a purse/travel bag. It was also in one of my favorite shades of green. The topper was the $68 price tag. I quickly purchased it and was on my way. (BTW- I never found the shoe store.)

After I got home and had a chance to really examine the bag, I noticed that besides having a smaller purse inside the larger one (with detachable strap) the bag is also reversible! Wow! I hit the motherlode. This will be perfect addition to my travel luggage and great to carry on the plane.

Here are some photos

info on the designer

Grace Ann Agostino
Unique / One-of-a-Kind / Limited Edition / Exotic Leather Goods
The bags and belts are made almost exclusively of leather and/or exotic skins.  The only fabric sometimes used is kilim, which is always mixed with leather.  Each piece is lined in Napa leather. They are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. We are constantly changing our materials and designs.  All items are accented with an antique element--either a handbag frame or ornament.  Everything is handmade in Pennsylvania, USA. 

We work with leather, but treat it as fabric. Most come from Italy, which produces the softest, finest skins in the richest colors. 

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