Monday, February 23, 2015

Don't dilly dally buy a Tilley - Black in Costa Rica

Of course I need an airflo hat right? 

Here's the one I got. It's a Tilley and I really like it. It ties on and it fits!. Also because I promised to keep my clothing down to a minimum, I am subbing out the Panama hat I was planning to take for the Tilley. I think the Tilley is more versatile, packable and I like that there's a compartment/pocket in the top of hat to keep some valuable item(s)

I bought it at Royal Robbins in Berkeley. It retails for $89 and I got a 10% discount by "liking" their Facebook page. 

I promise you (Panama Hat) It's you next time!!

Oh, and one thing I like about Tilley is that their products are made for travlere and their concern for safety is evident in their products.

Please also check out their travel tips folowing the hat photos! 

Tilley Airflo hats: Completely crushable, packable, and guaranteed for life, these Tilley hats feature a special mesh crown for unbeatable ventilation and UPF 50+ sun protection, too. Soft interior sweatband helps wick perspiration away from your forehead to aid cooling evaporation. Special two-way wind cord keeps hat securely in place; should it end up in the water, though, the non-absorbent foam in the crown keeps the hat afloat. Sloping brim channels rain away. Interior pocket. Tilley hats in olive. Nylon/poly. Washable. Imported


Above all else: carry your valuables in your Tilley secret pocket. 
  1. Pickpockets come in all guises and disguises; many are very well dressed and groomed.
  2. Trust your instincts. Pickpockets usually survey their targets. If someone is following you, move to a more secure location.
  3. Be aware of loud arguments, bumps and other incidents. Pickpockets usually work in teams and will often create a commotion to distract the victim so a partner can pick a pocket or two. 
  4. Pickpockets frequent bus and train stations, airports, hotel lobbies, outdoor festivals, subways and other crowded places. If you see a sign, ‘Beware of Pickpockets’, don’t reveal your wallet’s location by touching it.
  5. Wear clothing with pockets that offer peace of mind… ones that are closed with ‘noisy’ Velcro or zippers, or best of all are completely hidden. Tilley offers secure, secret and stop-loss pockets on most garments, including our relaxed beach pants/shirts, and dressier clothing.
  6. Be unassuming in your choice of clothing, luggage and camera case. Leave the expensive jewelry and watch at home.
click here for the rest of the travel safety tips
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