Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weekend in Escazu, Costa Rica - Black in Costa Rica

I will fill you in on all the great fun and people we met in Escazu but for now here are some of the photos of the beautiful villa where we stayed.

We had the entire house. It was 2 stories and included 3 bedrooms and baths,  2 jacuzzis, 2 bars and more.

I'll add more pics and details later


our sitting area on the main floor. This is Zeida Post (owner) welcoming us to the villa

kitchen table on 2nd floor

outdoor table on 2nd floor

our view from  2nd floor

Entry hall and staicase

This was our bedroom (which was the smallest but we had a great view and had the top floor to ourselves

We always needed 2 taxis for the group

view from the kitchen on the top floor

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  1. Ok...Devon...what would a home like that rent for on a year to year agreement? (Monthly) not just for a 3 week excussion. far away is it from the beach.


  2. Hey Gary

    I don' think they rent this one long term. Zeida does have condos for rent on long term basis for $2,000 month. Escazu is the Beverly Hills of the Central Valley. Lots of expats and conveniences of home, restaurants, banks and a huge mall.

  3. Closest beach about 1 1/2 hours away