Thursday, March 12, 2015

Welcome to Costa Rica's Central Valley - Day 2 - Black in Costa Rica

My apologies, as I started this blog several days ago but honestly, we have been having so much fun and we are super busy. I can hardly find the time to write. Tonight (Thurs) I am determined to get this post published. It will be rather low on commentary but I will get a few photos up and fill you in on the details when we return..


We arranged 2 tours through our online expat friend Wayne. Several weeks ago we learned that Wayne would not be in Costa Rica to conduct the tours but he arranged for us to have the tours through another tour guide friend of his.

Here is what we did

Day One
Sunday, March 8
9:00 a.m.  - Pick up at The Presidente

Drive past the Universidad de Costa Rica through San Pedro to Condominio Torres del Sol, Tres Ríos

10:00 a.m. - Quick tour of Condominio Torres del Sol, Tres Ríos (Guard will direct you to model)

While we were traveling in the van to the condos, we heard some very good music coming from one of the parks and we saw a group of ladies dancing. Percy (our tour  guide) explained that It was the International Day of the Woman and asked if we wanted to stop.

Not only did we stop but joined in dance and celebration! Welcome to Costa Rica!!!

 Condo units have been on the market for 5 months

 2 or 3 bedroom choice for the same price - rents for $800/per month

Spectacular views!

This could be ours for....
only $133,000 to buy this one!

Drive past Hospital Catolica and Lincoln Mall on the way to San Isidro de Heredia
11:30 a.m. - At San Isidro de Heredia take note of Old church and ELECC Spanish language school  

 This is a shanty town  inhabited by Nicaraguans  

oxcarts are common especially in the village of Sarchi

Stop at local feria (farmer's market) My 1st pipa

Elec Spanish Language School - built & started by our tour guide Percy
began with about 64 students now has 265

Drive to San Josesito and/or Heredia Centro. There are new apartments in both areas
or San Francisco de Heredia They should note the location. There will probably not be much time to spend a lot of time at each.

12:30 or 1:00 - Lunch La Princessa Marina en Paseo Colon

Silverware is delivered in a plastic covering

Yummy lunch and I don't know how to spell it.

Take the Autopista, driving pass Avenida Escazu, MultiPlaza and CIMA (Jazz Café on Right) head to Ciudad Colon

2:30 - Ciudad Colon there are apartments there. And a bookstore café owned by an Expat.
From Ciudad Colon take the back route through Santa Ana to Escazu, showing our guests apartments and other places of interest in Santa Ana and Escazu.

4:00 - Meet with Don Jose Ubeda, attorney. Don Jose will talk about residency (30 minutes). I will contact the hotel to determine if they have space. Percy, will translate.

Tour cost, plus guide, driver, rental van & taxi $300

****The tour was fantastic and I can not say enough about our guide Percy and the driver Tony! They were knowledgeable, professional and very attentive to our needs. I highly recommend them. If you are interested in their services please leave me a comment and I will put you in touch.
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