Sunday, May 24, 2015

What next? Black in Costa Rica

The month of May is flying by. Can you believe it?
It's nearly gone
and I've tried desperately
 not to over think our impending move.
Earlier this month I celebrated a wonderfully peaceful and reflective 65th birthday.

In the stillness I will always find the answers

It is all so clear to me now

I will work towards full clarity on what is most important 
by getting rid of everything that isn’t, 
and by saying no to things that don’t matter. 
 I will create limits so that I am free to expand in the best directions
 and not feel pressured 
to go in all directions.

in the coming months I will share more of this clarity 
(and how it effects our plans) 
with you, here on the blog

But.....first of all (for my new followers - and thank you very much) 
I think I should re-explain the move

I have said I am going to "retire in Costa Rica".


 however, I think the words to retire mean different things to different people.
And that is perfectly OK.

But let me explain what it means to me. 

Retirement means, I am leaving my J-O-B and the corporate world, forever!! 
Hip, Hip Hooray!!
When I do that, and (in this case) at the same time,
We plan to leave the country as well.

Travel is our goal!

First stop, Costa Rica!!

Do I think we will be there "forever"?

Well, forever is a long time (hopefully) and right now I can't say.

The current plan is to test Costa Rica out for at least a year 
and then decide, 
what next.
At the same time we will also investigate neighboring Latin American countries.

I can honestly say,
we will be gone,
until we're aren't

Seriously though, I don't think that we need to make that decision right now.  The adventure is just beginning. Maybe we will come back someday and maybe not. That remains to be seen. The world is a big place and as global citizens we have a lot of exploring to do. There are many things that have made us want to leave and probably just as many things that could bring us back. This is after all, still our home. At some point we may be too old or just too damned tired to continue our wanderlust.

But for now, it's full speed ahead.

Just be happy for us 
and for now, 

no more suggestions
 about where we can live cheaper in the U.S 
although we appreciate the gesture, 
our decision goes so much deeper than that.

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