Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Promise kept - Countdown to Costa Rica Relocation

Wow, do I feel better or what?

It didn't really take that long. It's only a small cabinet after all. I just had to set my mind to it. 

The question I asked was, have I used this in the last 6 months and will I need it in Costa Rica? Many items can be replaced and are not worth taking.

This is downsize #1 for the cabinet. Since I have to be here for almost a year I can't clean out everything but I did separate things. 

The left side has daily items, makeup and hair. The 2 zipper bags have carry on items that I usually travel with. On the right side in the bins are items that I don't expect to use before I leave but will need to re evaluate them as I move closer to the date.

Next up in July, the hall closet. It stores coats, hats, gloves and some items like pillow shams, table linen.

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