Friday, July 3, 2015

Promises, Promises - Countdown to Costa Rica Relocation - For Real!

Well people, we are only 1 year out from our move date. Yay!

I made a promise to start my downsizing at the 12 month mark and I plan to keep my promise. A blog will keep you honest!

I'm going to start at the easiest place (small -- but not so easy really) which is under the sink in my bathroom. Now, I know it looks like a complete mess in the photos and I do consider myself a pretty tidy person -- but I ask that you cut me a little slack because my apartment is only a little over 600 sq feet and this is my only bathroom storage. (Shaking my head)

So, today (on my day off) I went to the cabinet and I am going to clean it out. Really, I am, as soon as I complete this post!

There are all kinds of hair products (which I don't use) Hair clips, which you know I don't use (or rarely use) since my hair has been locked since 2000 (do you ever see a clip in my hair?).

I have a lot of "just in case" stuff junk under there.

I see prescriptions back to the 90's. Mostly because I rarely take any drugs.

Once upon a time it looked pretty neat under there.

but now....

It's a Big Fat Mess!!

Needless to say, I won't be taking this stuff with me (even if I wanted to, which I don't)

It bothers me every time I open that cabinet door. Last week Lavanson asked me where the hair dryer was as we were giving the dogs a bath. It was hard to explain. I told him to look on the left hand side in the back, behind the hair products, cases and clips (in the other plastic box). I don't understand why he looked so dazed! He couldn't find it. Now, since it is way too hard to put it back in that special spot (which immediately filled itself in with other junk after the dryer was removed) it is in the front of the cabinet and gets in the way every time I open the door.


Wish me luck!

Stop back for the after pics.

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  1. Thanks!! Working in stages. Still have to use some things in the coming year but I am determined to get it down to the bare essentials! The I will do the final cur a couple of months out!