Sunday, February 21, 2016

Getting down to business! - Countdown to Relocation in Costa Rica

With the clock ticking
102 days and counting
Ask me how we spent our Saturday.

Time to start putting things in boxes
(We also have a lead on a short term rental in Grecia. Tell you more when I know more)
I still have a lot of "things" stored from 3 previous local moves
I am currently storing them in a garage some miles from my apartment
I am long overdue to go though all of these items and
discard the things I have not used in the 
last 7 sevens years
I plan to replace some of those items with current ones that I plan to keep
just in case of a possible return to the Bay Area.
You just never know, so I stick by the old Girl Scout motto "be prepared!"
I am not one of those people selling off everything they own and moving with a back pack

So off we went to Home Depot 
(BTW-buying new boxes, even from Home depot, is not cheap) 

We did make a bit of a dent in what was stored, but still have quite a bit to go. 
It was almost like Christmas going through things I had not seen in many years
(I had a lot of good stuff in those boxes)
I did my best to resist the urge to add too many of them back into my everyday life.

After I went through the clothing, we made a trip to Goodwill
(I also took 2 big bags from my apartment last week).
While there, it was interesting that the donation worker told us that
they have been very busy with donations.
Seems that quite a few people are leaving the country.
Some moving to France while others were moving to Europe.
Our plan is to complete the project next weekend.

Oh, and if I haven't told you lately -- I enjoy moving but I HATE packing!!! 

My trunk isn't exactly made to haul boxes

most of them ended up in the back seat

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