Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Black History Month - Travel Takeover in Costa Rica!

Today's post is in celebration of Black History Month and is taken from the February 14th article of The Sophisticated Life.

The Black History Month Travel Takeover continues with Costa Rica! Join us on Instagram & Twitter with the hashtag #BHMtraveltakeover
In this black history month series we are celebrating and featuring black travelers in Afro-Latino countries! Afro-Costa Ricans are Costa Ricans of African descent. About 8% of the population in Costa Rica is Afro-Costa Rican. Here is something interesting I learned during my research-many black Costa Ricans are descendants of Jamaicans who went to Costa Rica to work. They are also English speaking Costa Ricans.
Thank you to the Nomadness travel tribe for contributing these pictures of black travelers in Costa Rica! 
(I am happy to report that a photo of me made the final cut) 
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