Monday, February 15, 2016

Sisterlocks comes to Costa Rica - Black in Costa Rica

It's Official

Sisterlocks has arrived in Costa Rica

Thanks to Dr. Carmen Hutchinson Miller

Dr. Carmen Hutchinson Miller
For the last 3 years (and to no avail), I have been searching for a Sisterlocks Consultant in Costa Rica so that I can continue maintaining my locs once I move there.

I have scoured the internet for information, periodically checked the official Sisterlocks Registry and even called their main office in San Diego to inquire. I came up empty handed every time.

With only a few months left before departure I figured that if I wanted to continue wearing my locs, I would have to travel to Panama (the closest country to Costa Rica where there is a certified consultant), travel back to the U.S (Florida) or... heaven forbid - learn to do them myself!  I was not very happy with any of these choices, plus since Sisterlocks are typically re tightened about every 6 weeks, the 1st 2 options would be costly and geographically undesirable.

That left me with only one option -- doing my own hair.

I had already ordered the Sisterlocks "tool" so I resigned myself to the fact that I would now have to learn the process. I would ask my Sisterlocks Consultant to show me how. I figured with over 500 locs, I would be in perpetual re tightening mode.

One night last week it just popped into my head to look on YouTube for some videos on re tightening so at least once I was in Costa Rica I would have a visual reference. I was very happy to find that there were many tutorials out there.  I breathed a sigh of relief. Once I was finished bookmarking the sites I decided to look one last time for a Sisterlocks Consultant in Costa Rica. I hit up the Google and lo and behold I found a recent entry from Sept 2015 on a thread referencing Sisterlocks in CR. After following the thread, I located the original post and from there I found the associated Facebook page. I messaged the person, Dr Carmen Hutchinson Miller, and followed up with an email. To my joy (and gratitude), she contacted me back and confirmed that she was indeed certified in Costa Rica and available for service and...she currently resides in the Central Valley!! Woo Hoo!! A few days later her information appeared on the official Sisterlocks Registry.

So I introduce to you Dr. Carmen Hutchinson Miller and Proud Locks.

Proud Locks is specialized in Sisterlocks which is a hair technique originated by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell in San Diego, California and introduced in Costa Rica by Dr. Carmen Hutchinson Miller in 2014.

In 2008 Dr. Hutchinson Miller and her sister Etsu Hutchinson Miller became the first Costa Ricans in Sisterlocks consultants.

In 2009 Dr. Hutchinson Miller became the first Costa Rican Certified Sisterlocks consultant by Sisterlocks academy.

This technique is based on the concept of sporting the hair pride of people of African descent by taking care of the natural hair without the need of adding any chemicals.

At the same time of sporting hair pride this techniques allows the hair to grow long and healthy naturally.

Sisterlocks has become the solution for people of African descent to style their hair without the use of chemicals or the use of artificial hair while other techniques alter the hair natural way. 

Sisterlocks has also become the solution for mothers of young children who wish to have their natural hair long and healthy.

Join the growing number of Sisterlocks users in Costa Rica and be part of this world wide natural hair movement.
For more information contact me!  
San José, Alajuela, Heredia & Limon 
+506 7009 0176
So there you have it. I finally let go and the answer showed up!

Don't worry I am still researching hair options for my fellow black expats but so far there have only been services on the Caribbean side.

Stay tuned

The search continues...

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