Monday, February 8, 2016

What if it rains? And other hair dilemmas facing black women abroad

If you are a black woman traveling abroad -- or heaven forbid -- you are relocating abroad, I am pretty sure finding hair care and/or hair care products for "our" hair is a question that weighs heavily on your mind.

When I consider relocation, the 2nd most important question I ask (right after "where will I live?") is "who is going to do my hair?"

Some of you may not be as worried about the rain these days due to the increase in black women wearing their hair natural or wearing weaves, braids or other protectives styles, but the hair dilemma is real and effects black women no matter whether we are nappy or straight 

For my situation, try adding Sisterlocks to the equation, this only complicates the search even more!

I remember having the same hair questions when we were thinking of moving to Buenos Aires (I had NO luck finding any black hair care services/products there which ultimately led to my decision to not move there)

When I was in West Africa I expected to find a country full of natural hair but instead all I saw were weaves and braids.  Billboards advertising them were everywhere and I was shocked!

I don't claim to know much about the hair trends of black women in Costa Rica (yet). So far I have only seen the women on the Caribbean Coast, but I surmise that products and services are available -- at least on the Caribbean side. (I did not see anyone with Sisterlocks)

What black hair care products and services are available in the rest of Costa Rica? 

Not sure.

Are there salons that do relaxers or can do a press and curl? 

Are there any black run salons in the Central Valley?

Not sure.

What about my Sisterlocks?

Gotta know

So....My search continues

Stay Tuned...
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