Monday, February 1, 2016

Our plan comes together - Update Relocation to Costa Rica

I'm a planner!

As you know, right now, I am planning the next phase of my life.

I like nothing more than to plan a party, outing, dinner, vacation or just about any event (large or small). My creative brain just works like that. I look at every social event as an opportunity to learn and I find it very rewarding to watch the results crystallize before my eyes.

One of the best parts of event planning is sharing ideas with the people you are planning the event for.

That's exactly what we did on Sunday night.

We firmed up our arrival and departure dates and began discussion around side tours and excursions.

We're not done yet, but this was a giant step.

We also had ALL of our members present at the meeting, which is rare.

Each of us brought a dish to share.

Nothing Better!!

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1 comment:

  1. Tremulations
    stalk the hearts and haunt

    the souls of those who walk
    the night alone
    in far lands.

    But far is not a place you go to,
    far is something dark inside,
    a cave you wall against the terror
    faced alone but not beyond
    the love disguised as humble chance.

    So who’s to say the whippoorwill
    who camps aside my weathered door
    to chant his sad, hypnotic score
    is not an angel sent by God
    to guard the gap from black to gray.

    When somehow, dawn
    birds sing back sleep
    as light rains
    play, pianissimo,
    the green plains of Guatuso.

    Where fence posts sprout
    leaves and roots, and dark nights
    yield to sun-baked days
    with black beans, bitter coffee
    and sweet pineapple grace.