Sunday, March 27, 2016

Our New House in Grecia Costa Rica!

It was a very Good Friday for us!

Here's our new home 
and breathtaking view

nestled in the middle of a coffee plantation

WOW. This one caught us by surprise. We never expected to find a house 2 months before relocating AND sight unseen. Our plan was to go to Costa Rica in June, stay in a little apartment we rented in Grecia while we looked for a house to move into (hopefully) by July. 

And here's where having friends and connections in the location you plan to move to comes in handy!

Not to go into great detail but here's how it all came together.

I met my expat friend, Annette on Facebook prior to our trip to Costa Rica last year. We met in person when we visited. She, along with several other expats have been keeping an eye out for available rental homes for us. 

On Good Friday she messaged me early in the morning to alert me of a possible home for rent which was posted on the Facebook Grecia Forum. I took one look at it and all its amenities and immediately contacted Shirley (representing the owner). Shirley gave me more information and I was even more interested, however, since I am in California,there was no way for me to check it out for myself. Annette doesn't have a car and the bus was running on a holiday schedule, so she contacted another expat friend, Kathleen who does own a car and who happened to live close by. Within a few hours, Kathleen was at the home meeting with Shirley, taking notes and snapping photos (by this time there were also at least 4 other interested parties)

Kathleen returned from her meeting with a glowing review. I had been the 1st person to inquire about the home which gave me a little advantage. Time to act, if we wanted to get this one, was the clear message. I even contacted the former renters to get their opinion. After going back and forth with Shirley and ironing out all the details, we secured the home on Saturday morning.

It's ours and I think we are going to love it!  

BTW - Costa Rica doesn't have regular street addresses in most of the country. Reference points are often used in lieu of addresses. The houses often have names. I think this one has a name as well but we are going to refer to it as "Casa de Coffey" 

Stay tuned for more pics and info

Grecia is noted for its unique church, Iglesia de la Nuestra SeƱora de las Mercedes, made entirely of pre-fabricated steel plates painted red.

Happy Easter everyone!

Big shout out and our deepest thanks and appreciation to Annette, Kathleen & Shirley!
We could not have done it without you!!

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