Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The hardest part - Relocation Costa Rica

This post was written on Sunday but not posted until today

Lily & Lola in Martinez

It's almost time.

We bought a couple of wardrobe boxes from U-Haul over the weekend to ship a few of our personal belongings. We contacted a shipping service Mario Barquero Enterprises Inc. (referred to us by a friend from Costa Rica). The company ships door to door. A wardrobe size box (U-Haul Grand Wardrobe) will cost about $530 and it will take about a month to receive the goods.

Although I have been focused on the move for more then 6 months, it was all mental calculation until I could actually start packing the boxes. Over the months I've studied my walls and pondered about which artwork I would take and which pieces I couldn't.  In the end, the majority will have to be stored. It’s impossible to take my valued pieces with me and too expensive to ship them so they will be here waiting if (and/or) when I return.

I am also finding it a lot easier to make decisions now that we know where we will be staying and have seen the inside of the house. Since the house is fully furnished we won't need any big furniture or appliances but I still want to take some personal items to make the place feel like its “our” home. So far I've taken down most of my decorative items and have them lined up on the kitchen counters and on every available chair. Over the next few days I will make the first cut regarding what I want to pack in the box. The box will be subject to several more inspections and additional cuts will be made until we feel that we have what we need.

Lily sunbathes @ her 2nd home in Oregon
The hardest part of this so far has been sending my Lily and Lola off to Oregon where they will stay until we have a safe and suitable area for them. Then we will send for them. The good thing about it is that they instantly recognized my friend Jan (she drove down from OR to pick them up, has watched them for every trip we’ve taken and has known both of them since I got them at about 10 wks old) That was a big relief! I really appreciate her friendship and her help.  They are leaving for OR in the morning but Jan took them to Martinez for the evening and they were able to go out in the yard and hang out with a couple of other dogs. That is something they never get to do here. So, for that I am grateful but I really do miss them!!

Much has been written about the loyalty of dogs, but what I love about them isn’t their devotion to me so much as their devotion to being alive. – Steve Bauer
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