Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A stop along the way -- in the rain

On Saturday we went into town to take one of our computers in for repair. It was one of the older computers -- a heavy desktop not a laptop -- so we took a taxi. We also had to go to the market to do some grocery shopping. We planned to take the bus back.

When we got to the computer shop we found out that we only needed a USB wifi connector which cost about $22 so now we had the computer to lug back home along with the groceries. So, we took a taxi. On the way home in the taxi, I received a message from Charles (he is the son of Jeanetta Owens, the owner of La Terraza). We had not yet met him. He had been in town for a few wks but was leaving that night. He was having a little birthday celebration and invited us to stop over. So...mid-ride we asked our driver Randall, to drop us at La Terraza (which he did). We then transferred computer and groceries (food from taxi to refrigerator) and spent a delightful afternoon celebrating with Charles, Jeanetta and a few friends. We were there on her deck during the Costa Rica afternoon rain. We had pizza and veggie lasagne. Christina - Jeanetta's right hand, excellent cook & housekeeper had also made a delicious birthday cake) She takes such good care of us when we are there.

Later Randall returned to pick us up and brought us home. There is such a feeling of community here that is hard to find back in the states these days (at least in the bigger cities)

I want to give a BIG shout out to Randall, who has handled all of our taxi/transportation needs since we arrived. He is always helpful and cheerful. He speaks great English and has helped answer other questions for us. We have already arranged for him to pick up our friends when they arrive in July.

If anyone needs taxi service around our area, I highly recommend him. You can find him on Facebook Randall Perez or call 506-8533-5688. He is also arranging transportation for some tours we are doing as well. (if you come to see me you will be riding with him from the airport)

The next shout out is to La Terraza. If any of you plan to come visit me or just come to the area, I will only recommend you stay at La Terraza (unless of course you are staying with us). This is a personal recommendation because I have stayed there and because I know Jeanetta Owens personally.

The grounds are spectacular, as is the service. It is a great place for singles, couples or if you are planning an event with a group. She has 5 rooms now (2 are apartments) and she is currently adding to the property.

If you would like more info you can check out the website or email Jeanetta. If you would like more info from me - just let me know. Currently I am working with a friend to host her birthday party there next summer.

In the meantime please check out day 18
to see just how beautiful it is

A final shout out to K Sparks who gave us permission to use his song "Sunshine" as the 
Itchy Feet Expat TV theme song. 

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