Saturday, July 30, 2016

Essprezzo de la Casa aka Isabel's - Expat Happy Hour Meet Up

One of our neighborhood restaurants is Isabel's Essprezzo de la Casa. It is located a little higher up and at the top of our ridge in San Luis. It is almost next door to Finca Organica - the organic farm we visited and who we buy our organic veggies from each Friday at the feria (farmer's market). 

It is also a great place to meet the local expats. We heard about the Friday night dinners and happy hour meet ups @ Isabel's long before we moved to Costa Rica. Even though the restaurant is on our ridge and just "up the hill", it is not a walk you would want to make. So, we had not yet gone. Yesterday we happened to bump into Irina (an expat who lives over on the next ridge (El Cajon). She invited us to join them that evening and volunteered to give us a ride. 

Turns out that on Friday nights the tiny restaurant is almost filled to capacity with just the expat group. You do need to bring your own wine though (which no one told us) however, the group had more than enough and shared with us. Box red wine was a pretty popular choice and to be honest, it was not too bad.

The special for the night was flautas (with choice of meat) and sauce (I chose green sauce and it was very hot!! The chef is Mexican (as she reminded me). The food was delicious and they were nice enough to make a vegetarian flautas for Lavanson. 

The dinner also came with choice of soup or salad (I chose soup which was a sweet potato soup) and dinner came with 3 flautas and a small salad as well. Total for 2 of us $20. 

We had a great time and  can't wait to go again!!

Since this restaurant is on our ridge, of course the view is killer! I have seen some of the sunset photos. They are awesome . Can't wait to see one in person.

 Here is the gang
The restaurant is small but very nicely done inside. Nice ambiance.

We plan to join them again next week - which happens be the pre wedding dinner. Yep.
About 10 expat couples are getting remarried over on El Cajon in a few weeks.
Should be interesting. 

I will be sure to post.

Essprezzo de la Casa is open on the weekends. Friday and Saturday hours are from 3:00PM to 8:00PM. Sunday hours are from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. The prices are moderate. Essprezzo de la Casa does not serve alcohol but you are welcome to bring your own. Parking is off road in a private lot adjacent to the cafe.
Contact information is 2444-2967 and 8895-8999

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