Monday, July 11, 2016

The Aspiring Expats in Costa Rica - Cooking with Margarita

I missed uploading last week because we have been so busy going here and there exploring this beautiful country. But, have no fear, I have many more videos to edit and upload and more stories to tell so stay tuned.
And BTW with so many of us to feed - there has been a whole lot of group cooking going on around our kitchen @ Casa de Coffey.

We have been trying to eat local foods and make some local dishes. One of my favorites is patacones - Yum - I was going to try making them one evening and lo and behold - what a joy it was when I discovered that our Aspiring Expat friend Margarita (from Cartagena Colombia) was an old pro at it. 
She took over and I grabbed the camera. 

A 5 minute video showing the 6 easy steps to perfect patacones!!

Check her out below. (Margarita has been our Spanish translator and also named the kitty for me) Thanks Margarita!!!

**Note - RE step 6 - it is water, garlic, salt and a glass of wine on the side 

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